08 Jun 2017

Laura Zverko

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Business’ IT requirements vary a huge amount depending on a number of factors including the processes they need, security requirements, functionality and room for growth. This means that some solutions may not be the best fit for some companies, and may leave them paying extra for features that they are not using. There are a number of benefits therefore to taking a look at bespoke IT solutions which could better meet specific requirements, for example:

Reduced infrastructure costs

One of the biggest problems faced by businesses when looking at their IT infrastructure is that often standard solutions do not provide what they need, or they end up paying for additional features that are not necessary within the overall cost. Bespoke solutions mean that customers get what they pay for and do not pay excess for additional features that they do not use.

More flexibility in working

Bespoke IT infrastructure setup gives clients the opportunity to allow employees to work remotely if this is something they want to do. It reduces in-house hardware costs and gives greater choice over whether the business wants to utilise the cloud for backups, data storage and reducing operational costs overall. This also helps companies to adhere to greener working policies where resources are not being wasted.

Backups and data recovery are improved

Your IT provider can set up a virtual infrastructure, which is ideal for companies that handle large volumes of secure data that cannot be lost or compromised, such as within the alternative investment industry where it is imperative that customer data is kept confidential at all times. Providers can assess your storage needs, again meaning that businesses only pay for the hosting that they are needing at any time, making it also a completely scalable setup. Backups are also an essential part of your IT infrastructure that helps to minimise downtime and a bespoke solution can be tailored to back up more or less frequently as required.

Additional security features

Within an industry where financial information is being handled on a large scale every day, security is of the utmost importance. Bespoke solutions address security on a much more detailed level since every area of the IT infrastructure is created to fit the exact requirements of the company and their data management. This means that alternative investment firms can rest assured that their data is stored in a GDPR compliant way that adheres to all applicable data protection regulations set on a national and international level.

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