14 Jun 2017

Laura Zverko

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There are many threats to cybersecurity that are faced by businesses on a daily basis. This can be through a variety of different methods such as through Malware, Ransomware, and physical access to information that should be confidential or can be down to human error or deliberate sabotage.

Who is the most at risk?

Companies with a large volume of personal and financial data are particularly likely to be targeted since their data holds more value, as demonstrated by the May 2017 Ransomware attack on the NHS. This makes alternative investment firms a prime target, so it is fundamental that they are aware of many of the most common threats and then protecting their business against them.

What do common security threats look like?

Security threats can appear innocent, with one of the most common being malicious emails holding viruses that can gain access to files and encrypt them to hold them ransom, if given access. For example, they are disguised as emails from colleagues or as internal communications, but are actually from an external source. Once a file or attachment is opened, this can give direct access to confidential information.

Awareness of personal device use

There are also many risks associated with the use of personal devices like mobile phones, tablets or laptops. Information can be accessed virtually from these devices to enable flexible working, but the risk is that these become lost and access is gained by third parties, or devices are stolen holding this secure data.

Addressing vulnerabilities and preparation

Addressing current vulnerabilities can not only protect your alternative investment firm from present threats, but also help to prepare your business against future attacks. A complete audit of your current IT infrastructure can identify areas of weakness and give you the opportunity to make improvements where security is lacking. For example it may highlight simple things that can be done like implementing passwords and restricting access.

Recognise that threats change

It is important to recognise that threats continually evolve over time and it is vital that your IT infrastructure also evolves to address these threats. With the help of specialised IT providers, you can ensure that your infrastructure is updated to guarantee that your security is always at the highest possible level.

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