26 Jun 2017

Laura Zverko

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Cloud hosting uses the internet to allow server access to use applications to work from any location just as if on a physical server or computer. It provides greater flexibility for working in different locations, for example being able to login to your specific user account for work and taking care of any transactions for your client even when on the move. This is just one reason why many companies are now utilising cloud hosting within their IT infrastructure, either for the majority of their setup or as part of their larger infrastructure; however there are many other benefits to using cloud hosting:

Automatic updates

Cloud hosting also means that software updates can be done automatically as this can be provided by your host and supplier. This reduces in-house maintenance and ensures that the system is always up to date with the latest changes. The cloud setup means that software updates can be deployed to multiple machines, devices and hardware in one go through the central server, rather than having to configure the updates individually on each machine.

Disaster Recovery Planning

As with automated updates, cloud hosting also means regular backups are taken of any internal information. This means that in the event of a disaster and damage to hardware, data is recoverable within a short timeframe and with minimal downtime, so your clients will often not even be aware of any downtime in your services at all.

Collaboration and location

We have already mentioned that cloud hosting means greater working flexibility as it gives employees the opportunity to work from any location with internet access. But it also means that employees are not restricted to using a particular device and can choose what they use. At the same time, files can be shared, edited, and access by employees at the same time while they are in multiple locations, which allows complete collaboration and visibility.

Enterprise technology at reduced costs

The cloud gives companies access to enterprise-class technology which puts them ahead of competitors within the alternative investment market, enabling them to provide faster services to their clients. This can actually come at a lower cost since using the cloud reduces capital expenditure fees as you only pay for the exact requirements that you use and no more.

Greater control and security

Cloud hosting gives you greater control of your customers’ secure data whilst maintaining the highest levels of security to ensure compliance – and netConsult can take care of this for you. We are experienced working with investment companies and SMEs to deliver the most secure and flexible solution possible, bespoke to your requirements.

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