26 Jun 2017

Laura Zverko

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Most businesses within London now have a culture of mobile working for many of their employees which means that security must be addressed in order to maintain high levels of confidentiality and offer sufficient data protection. There are different ways to ensure that mobile working is secured that are not difficult for every business to achieve, and here are just a few:

Basic staff education

Educating employees about basic security should be central within your mobile security policy regardless of whether they are using personal or company devices to do their work remotely. This can be simple things like ensuring that devices are always kept in a closed bag where they cannot be stolen easily, and reminders to be careful not to leave them in hotel rooms, cars or on public transport. Laptops should also never be left unattended as it is easy for potential hackers to connect USB removable devices and extract information.

Password etiquette

Basic passwords are also useful to enable simple access for employees but provide a single level of security that will make it more difficult for information to be accessed should the device be stolen. This will be the most effective if passwords are long, and use multiple characters. Ideally, they should be 16 or more characters long including uppercase letters, lowercase letters and symbols and avoiding any obvious words that might be easy to guess. Every user should have a unique password and username, and any additional passwords should be completely unique for different applications. This reduces the likelihood of hackers getting access into devices and utilising confidential customer information.

Using mobile devices in public

Employees should be made aware of threats when working on the go compared to at home. If they are at home, they are most likely to be using their own secure WiFi network, but they might use public WiFi on the move. This is not advisable if it can be avoided, so this should be made clear to employees, as well as distinguishing any particular applications that are restricted for use when using public internet connections. Downloads must be avoided when using public internet connections too. At the same time, they should also hide passwords when entering them in a public place and be discreet about any confidential calls that are made to avoid being overheard by potential thieves and hackers.

Why is mobile security important?

There are many other threats that are faced when mobile working, and it is vital to ensure that your employees are working to protect against these threats. This helps to maintain your security in-house but also prevents unauthorised access to your customers’ data. Within the alternative investment industry it is even more essential that you keep your customers’ data completely secure in order to comply with UK Data Protection regulations.

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