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Ten Netconsult facts you should know
netConsult are a specialist company providing built-to-order IT for the alternative investment sector. Our services cover the full range of IT you need to run a secure, compliant and efficient organisation. From the initial design of your infrastructure to a fully managed system, you can depend on us to deliver IT that is right for your business
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netConsult has been around since 2002. We have survived in a highly competitive market through some pretty turbulent times. You could even say that we have prospered. If we were not consistently delivering a good service for our clients, we would not have made it.

We are based in central London. Not for the kudos of the address, but so that if clients need us, we can be on-site within 30 minutes.

Our clients have assets under management of more than $100 billion. That is $100 billion worth of business that we are enabling, supporting and protecting every day.

Our oldest client has been with us since we started in 2002, because in all that time we have never let them down.

Since we started, our company has grown by an average of 20%, year on year.

We have our own systems independently audited every six months. We do not have to but we choose to because we take our security - and yours - seriously.

Our clients operate all over the world – in New York, Singapore, Luxembourg, Berlin, and Hong Kong. We can support them wherever they are.

We work with all the big names you will recognise from our industry. From Citrix to Cisco, VMware to Microsoft, we are proud to call them our partners.

We have expert knowledge and understanding of the software you use; like Bloomberg, Paladyne, CYMBA, Linedata, Tradar PMS, Derivation Software, Thomson Reuters, and DigiTerre.

We are a top ranking managed service provider (MSP). Source: MSPmentor 2013. netConsult ranked 26 in Europe the Middle East and Africa and 153 worldwide.