11 Jul 2017

Laura Zverko

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For clients and customers in 2017, protecting data is a top priority. A new global study by Verint Systems Inc found that 9 out of 10 are concerned about data security and privacy and 89% want to be sure about the security of data transferred to another business. The quality of IT infrastructure has a big role to play in the effectiveness of data security and, consequently, the trust companies can establish with customers and clients.

Better IT infrastructure allows for data transparency

The better organised and maintained IT infrastructure is, the more transparent a business can be with customers in terms of treatment of data. 86% of people in the Verint survey wanted insight into the data they entrusted to businesses, in particular whether it was passed on to third parties. When company IT infrastructure is well established, properly managed and secure, it is much easier for that organisation to be open about how it operates where data is concerned.

Advanced IT systems protect against a reputation damaging breach

For organisations regulated by the FCA, SEC, CSSF and PCI a data breach could have serious consequences. In these industries trust is the foundation of relationships but can be eroded where sensitive data becomes vulnerable or lost. A strong IT infrastructure protects against a security breach that could be costly, financially and reputationally. From advanced security options, to key back ups and swift disaster recovery, the quality of IT infrastructure impacts at every potential point of vulnerability.

Strong infrastructure identifies and deals with vulnerabilities

An IT infrastructure that is well maintained and managed will be regularly tested and scanned for potential vulnerabilities. Security threats constantly evolve and grow and so too must the defences against them. Effective IT infrastructure management actively protects the data within systems by looking for ways in which it could be compromised and then guarding against them.

High quality IT infrastructure keeps data secure

Investing in quality IT infrastructure ensures data security in a myriad of ways, such as integrating encryption tools to protect sensitive and/or personal data. Data stored on company servers is at risk unless protected by robust industry-standard security, such as encryption, integrated into IT infrastructure. As every piece of data now has value, the importance of securing it means that IT measures have to go further and do more to keep up with increasing benchmarks and consumer expectations.

IT infrastructure investment avoids easy mistakes

A poorly maintained IT infrastructure creates huge vulnerability for any business in any industry. Patching and updating is often made a low priority – until the day when out of date systems leave a system so vulnerable that hackers find it easy to breach. The best kind of IT infrastructure is not only set up for optimum security performance but designed to be easily maintained and managed to keep those standards high.

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