14 Aug 2017

Laura Zverko

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It seems that the media is now frequently reporting new cyber-attacks happening worldwide, and on a larger scale than ever. The latest of these include the “Petya” and “WannaCry” cyberattacks, alongside the “GoldenEye” ransomware attack, which targeted large organizations like the NHS. For these kind of attacks, where the organization is held to ransom in order to regain access to data, organizations holding high volumes of confidential data are at the highest risk. This includes many of netConsult’s clients within the alternative investment industry.

Protecting our customers is important

It is of vital importance that our customers are protected to the highest possible level against possible cyber-attacks. Every business within the EU will be expected to adhere to new data regulations as part of GDPR which comes into action in May 2018. This also means that there will be penalties and legal implications for companies failing to meet these standards, since they will be seen to be offering insufficient data protection and security to their customers.

It will also leave them more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and possible misuse of customer data – which is why netConsult take a customer-centric approach to offer the best possible bespoke IT infrastructure solutions to protect each of our customers.

Penetration testing experts

Penetration testing is an effective way to see whether businesses are sufficiently protected, however this can often become as simple as checking basic protection, and not protection against realistic, highly sophisticated cyber-attacks. netConsult know that security is of the utmost importance within the alternative investment industry, and this is where our partnership with OnSecurity comes in.

Introducing OnSecurity

OnSecurity are highly recommended by netConsult as they offer penetration testing to our customers directly so that their experienced and ethical hackers can mimic realistically what hackers would attempt for a real-life security breach. This aims to highlight areas of weakness and shows up vulnerabilities that can be resolved, which may not have been apparent following routine penetration testing.

This is completed on an on-going basis rather than as a one-off, because cyber-attackers are constantly advancing and the infrastructure and protection that netConsult offers therefore must continue to advance at the same time for optimum levels of protection.

Preparation within your IT infrastructure

Every business has unique security needs, but preparation and protective testing is the most effective way to ensure that your business does not fall victim to the next cyber-attack. You are able to pay “by-the-hour” and netConsult can make this introduction for you. Just give us a call today on 020 7100 3310 for more information.

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Recent Articles

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