24 Aug 2017

Laura Zverko

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It is estimated that around 95% of businesses across the UK, USA and Europe now utilise the cloud within their IT infrastructure. The majority of these are using public cloud, followed by private clouds, but with almost 70% using a hybrid public and private cloud combination. Different cloud solutions within businesses are often provided by separate vendors in order to meet their exact requirements, which can make the setup even more complex.

Misconceptions about public cloud solutions

Although private cloud is still the preferred choice for many businesses, many companies are now shifting towards using hybrid cloud solutions. This is likely to be partly down to the removal of the association between public cloud solutions and security risks, as customers become more educated about cloud solutions in general. In fact, public cloud solutions offer high levels of availability, scalability, security and data protection, just as private clouds do, which has started to remove this common misconception and guide customers to explore multi-cloud solutions instead.

The shift from private to multi-cloud solutions

The shift to multi-cloud solutions has come as a result of the benefits of public cloud, such as allowing some companies to take advantage of the heavy processing power available, and in some cases it can offer a more cost-effective solution based on the requirements of the company. Combining the benefits of both public and private cloud solutions can actually provide a more bespoke and personally tailored solution to users.

Alternative investment industry and hybrid cloud

For any alternative investment firm, security and data protection are at the forefront of any solution, since there is a high volume of customer and financial data that must be kept confidential at all times. Merging private cloud with public cloud to create a hybrid or multi-cloud solution does not necessarily compromise this security, but can improve it by providing a fully customized solution.

Compliance regardless of solution

Whichever solution a firm decides is best for their requirements, GDPR regulations and MiFID II regulations should be at the back of the minds of firms based within Europe and the UK. All organisations will be required to adhere to these prescribed standards, whether they use private, public or multi-cloud solutions.

Growing confidence in multi-cloud

Across many sectors, there is a growing confidence in multi-cloud solutions and the fact that they are able to offer the size, scalability, flexibility needed in a solution that is tailored to the individual business.

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