29 Sep 2017

Laura Zverko

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Technology plays a central role within all businesses across a variety of sectors. The right IT infrastructure is what allows businesses to operate in the most efficient way possible, and maximise working productivity. However, optimising your IT can be difficult in-house if you do not have access to the resources, so with this in mind, what are the advantages of utilising outsourced IT services?

IT costs are reduced and income increased

It may seem counter intuitive to pay for outsourced IT support if you are trying to save money, but outsourcing your IT requirements can actually reduce your outgoing IT costs. This is because it can reduce hardware costs, as your IT provider can source hardware in a cost-effective way. It can also remove some hardware costs through utilising virtualisation and therefore saving space onsite too.

Your IT provider can also allocate resources such as increased data storage, and also downscale this as requirements decrease, meaning that your business only pays for what you are using. At the same time, utilising the services of an IT provider can increase in-house productivity as working becomes seamless and much faster, and allows you to deliver higher quality services to your clients – all of these factors can actually increase your income as an alternative investment fund.

Risks are managed with ongoing support

Risk management is another part of IT infrastructure that is often reduced as a priority, however your outsourced provider can drastically improve your risk assessments, understanding of your systems and then address any potential issues. This could be predicting where hardware replacements need to be made, and factoring this into planning, or it could be issues that occur where support is required.

Ongoing expert support and advice is something that is a huge benefit to companies that choose to outsource their IT requirements. Support could be in the form of ongoing, contractual support, which gives even greater assurance that any problems that may cause downtime will be solved within the agreed ETA. This is important because downtime can be extremely disruptive within such a volatile industry, leaving customers feeling dissatisfied and making a bad impression of your company.

Security and compliance are improved

Outsourced IT suppliers will be able to guarantee higher levels of security since they can implement strong data protection methods, and ensure that your alternative investment firm’s IT is 100% compliant with both data protection laws (such as the upcoming GDPR) and other financial regulations such as the FCA, SEC, CSSF and PCI.

Specialist insight for alternative investment funds

Ultimately, outsourcing your IT can bring a range of benefits, but this also includes the specialist insight and expertise that your IT provider can bring. netConsult specialise in providing IT services to SMEs and in particular the alternative investment industry, and have developed a great understanding of the specifics involved with this. Our netSecure service offers a completely secure model to give businesses complete peace of mind that their IT is fully compliant and controlled.

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