24 Nov 2017

Laura Zverko

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IT is an industry that moves at great speed and one of the major benefits of its ongoing advancement is the ever better security options for business IT infrastructures. Today, working with the cloud not only means scalable platforms that offer better business continuity but enhanced security too.

Clear and accountable systems

The cloud now offers opportunities not just to engage in more agile business practices but to ensure that this more flexible approach to working also remains secure. For example, assigning responsibility in the cloud for specific tasks so that accountability lines are clear.

Better back ups

Regularly backing up critical business data ensures business continuity in any event. Private cloud infrastructures are now one of the most resilient options for safeguarding data, with regular backups creating a safety net for a business should any part of it be compromised. In many cases, the data security provided by a cloud solution is more comprehensive than the options for businesses doing this in-house, significantly reducing vulnerability to attack.

Business continuity

Business infrastructures are now much more secure as a result of the ability to implement swift disaster recovery mechanisms that guarantee business continuity. For example, data can be restored from a cloud back up to any authorised device wherever it is located. The result is disaster recovery planning that is clear and effective and which ensures that there are no unnecessary delays or lapses that could cause further vulnerability.

Access restrictions

Critical business information exposure is a serious concern for any enterprise but improvements in IT now offer ways to limit this risk. Creating a comprehensive policy of access restrictions delivers a roadmap of users who have a genuine need to access certain information and restricts others from getting to it. Not only does this reduce the risks of potential exposure because fewer users have access but it also enables effective accountability should a situation arise where there has been an internal breach. Many business infrastructures are exposed simply by being available to all but with the advice and support of an IT specialist access can be restricted by need and security greatly improved.


Encryption is now widely available to all as a tool for ensuring the security of essential or sensitive information or data. Encrypted information cannot be accessed by anyone who does not hold the decryption key, ensuring that certain data is kept completely confidential.

Knowledge and training

Improvements in IT have made systems and procedures for ensuring security more accessible and clear. As a result, with the support of an IT specialist, it is now possible to create training programmes and educational schemes to protect a business from perhaps the biggest vulnerability: employees. IT specialists can deliver in-house training that is specifically designed to ensure that a workforce is educated about the risks and consequences of security issues at the firm, as well as developing policies that make consequences clear and set out steps to take in disaster scenarios.

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