04 Dec 2017

Laura Zverko

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 The right IT solution can be revolutionary for SMEs looking to maximise resources and optimise efficiency. Choosing the right option means knowing what key features, benefits and functionalities to look for.


An IT solution ideal for an SME should be scalable – up or down – so that the business is supported no matter what kind of change it is experiencing. The best options will adapt to support your business, as opposed to the other way around. Scalability is often difficult to achieve with off the shelf IT, which is where a bespoke IT solution can make all the difference.


SMEs are becoming increasingly vulnerable to attack. The latest Zurich SME Risk Index indicates that one in six SMEs has come under attack in the past year and that figure is only set to increase. So, an IT solution that works for an SME must have security as a priority. Monitoring and detection are crucial for protecting data and applications.


Most businesses today rely heavily on IT solutions on a day-to-day basis so a lack of availability can be a serious problem. This is particularly so at the high growth stage where customers and clients can be easily lost by poor IT that affects business service. When choosing the right IT solution it is crucial to ensure availability, including swift recovery to minimise downtime and allow for a quick resumption of service in the event of a problem.

Cost effectiveness

Smart IT solutions are cost effective for SMEs, not just in terms of pricing but use too (for example being able to use one system across an entire business to reduce costs). Hardware and storage costs are two of the most significant expenses when it comes to IT solutions so it is essential to find a provider with a focus on keeping these as low as possible.


For a growing SME there is unlikely to be much time to absorb a complex and confusing set of requirements that come with an IT solution. In fact, it could be detrimental to the business to try to adopt IT that slows everything down. That is why the right IT solution is often the simplest – or simple to implement, at the very least. It should be easy to run and easy to manage, providing visibility across the entire business via one clear perspective.

Recovery and contingency

Good IT contingency planning is all about hoping for the best and planning for the worst. The worst today could be anything, from being shut out of essential business data to a system so compromised by third parties that the business cannot function. The right IT solution should build in contingency for the worst, such as alternative systems and secure remote connectivity. Automatic recovery within specified time limits will also make a disaster much easier to manage.

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