12 Dec 2017

Laura Zverko

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Cloud hosting has revolutionised the business world, driving improvements in cost effectiveness, efficiency, collaboration and flexibility that have broken new boundaries. It is an option open to any enterprise looking to upgrade or add to existing IT infrastructure. Private hosting solutions have a wide range of benefits, from better security to providing a more bespoke type of versatility. If you have been considering implementing a private hosting solution for your business then there are some very good reasons why now is the ideal time to do it.

Engage enterprise-class technology

From better performance to faster client service delivery and a more competitive offering, enterprise-class technology has much to offer the alternative investment market. Accessing this kind of cutting edge tech is made possible via cloud hosting, which puts it at the disposal of any business at reduced cost and in the configuration required for an individual business.

Upgrade security

With the introduction of new, tighter rules for data protection in 2018, now is the ideal time to transition to a system where the information you hold will be more secure. Cloud hosting delivers the highest level of security, providing not only peace of mind but easy regulatory compliance too. It also enables better control over customer data with bespoke solutions that can be designed for specific circumstances.

Embrace agility

A private cloud hosting solution enables any business to allow a workforce more flexibility, embracing the advantages of technology to improve productivity and performance. Location is no longer a restricting factor, as employees can work from anywhere there is an internet connection without a reduction in access or service. Files can be shared, accessed and edited by employees wherever they are, in the same way as if they were at their desks. The opportunity for employees to use different devices and still be able to do their jobs in multiple locations enables any business to embrace modern agility and be more productive.

Improve efficiency

Private hosting solutions are designed with efficiency in mind. Software updates are automatically implemented, ensuring systems are always up to date and reducing maintenance time commitment. The days of manual individual configuration are gone, as with a private hosting solution updates can be deployed through a central server across every device, machine and piece of hardware in use. This enables time (and cost) to be saved without any reduction in protection or performance.

Protect against disaster

For most enterprises today, a disaster recovery plan is an essential component of IT infrastructure. The likelihood of cyber attack is now so high that it is regarded as a question of “when” as opposed to “if.” Working with a private hosting solution creates in-built disaster recovery with regular back-ups to protect against data loss or a lack of access. Downtime is minimised as data is recoverable swiftly to avoid business interruption.

No matter what your industry, now is the ideal time to move to a private hosting solution. Contact netConsult today to find out more.

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