18 Dec 2017

Laura Zverko

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Whether you are looking for outsourced IT support for the first time next year, or considering upgrading your existing IT partner, the choice that you make could have significant consequences for your business. The relationship between business and IT partner is an important one that has a far reaching impact on everything, from growth to efficiency and security. So, what should you be looking for in an IT partner for 2018?

1. Designing a strategic IT roadmap for your business

If you are engaging someone to manage your IT then demand more from the arrangement than just providing a support function or reacting to issues that arise. Your IT provider can bring specialist expertise to the table to help you develop an IT roadmap for the year ahead. This could include recommendations as to hardware and software, suggested upgrades and areas where new technology could solve an old issue for your business. The key is an IT partner who recommends genuinely useful additions, as opposed to anything more than you actually need.

2. Proactive, flexible service

You will get a lot more from a relationship with an IT partner if the service they are offering is proactive, as opposed to purely reactive. However, that should not mean that you have to vastly increase your IT spend. The right partner will be able to create a flexible service that is designed to suit the unique needs of your business, from the budget constraints, to the business objectives.

3. Highlighting critical need

Finding an IT provider who can identify failures and vulnerabilities that you haven’t spotted will boost security and take a weight off your shoulders.  Look for an IT partner able to highlight any current situations where there is a critical need for change, such as back ups that aren’t working fully or holes in security. This kind of proactive problem solving provides a firm foundation for a positive ongoing relationship.

4. 24/7 support

It should not be purely down to a client business to sound the alarm when there is an issue. The right IT provider will offer 24/7 monitoring to pick up on issues as soon as they arise so that security breaches or software problems, for example, are not left unresolved. Proactive and preventative maintenance and ongoing monitoring are an essential part of the relationship with the right IT provider. It means that handling emergency situations, as well as every day problem solving, is more responsive and efficient.

5. A relationship built on trust

IT is an important part of business infrastructure and problems can be catastrophic, which is why choosing the right IT partner is crucial. Perhaps the number one most important thing to look for in an IT provider is the ability to listen and design IT support that delivers both the explicit requirements, as well as infrastructure changes that you may not have articulated. Does the provider understand your strategic goals, your efficiency challenges and business structure? What unique support are they offering to help you reach them?

At netConsult we are specialists in providing IT support to the alternative investment industry. We offer bespoke IT that is tailored precisely to your business needs to help drive profitability and growth.

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