22 Feb 2018

Laura Zverko

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Every organisation is different and, in the alternative investment sector, there is no such thing as a generic business structure. Trying to force a highly individual business onto a generic IT structure can impact negatively on everything, from productivity to security. For truly exceptional results a bespoke IT infrastructure is a must.

Bespoke IT drives productivity and efficiency

When business functions and IT match, the result is a system that fully services the business and its workforce. An effective hardware and software set up ensures maximum efficiency when it has been individually tailored to business needs and the way that staff work. The ultimate goal is an organisation that can function at maximum productivity and efficiency because it is fully supported by its IT.

Security is more effective with bespoke IT

Every business has different security needs, even if those differences are fairly subtle. Meeting those needs requires an individually tailored IT infrastructure with the right key protections in place. Security is simply not worth compromising on in these increasingly testing times. From avoiding the reputational damage that could result from client data loss, to minimising the financial cost of downtime, effective bespoke IT is essential to achieving security objectives.

Avoiding downtime must be a priority

A bespoke IT infrastructure can be designed to take into account what it takes to bring your business back from the brink of a cyber attack or system failure. Whether you are experiencing simple technical issues or something much more sinister, built-in contingencies provide a fast path back to functionality and ensuring that client service is not overly impacted. Bespoke IT offers a wide range of solutions to ensuring business continuity, including a virtual infrastructure. This not only means systems are more manageable to scale but also ensures that, even when there has been a security event or hardware failure, operations can continue.

Bespoke IT offers flexible, scalable solutions

IT infrastructure that grows with the business is essential – without a scalable element to it IT can quickly become cumbersome. In every sector, business change is inevitable, whether that is growth or the need to make operations leaner during tougher times. Generic IT is much more difficult to adapt when a business is changing and growing, leaving infrastructure far less responsive to the actual needs of the business on a day-to-day business. Bespoke IT can be scaled to suit the pace of change. Features such as virtualisation, for example, allow for storage capacity to be increased at speed to respond to a period of intense growth.

Compliance and cost

Bespoke IT provides a better option for businesses like those in the alternative investment sector where operations have an element of compliance to them. The ability to individually tailor infrastructure and systems can ensure that best practice is prioritised. Spend on bespoke IT tends to generate more impressive ROI too, as systems have been individually designed with the specific functions of the business in mind.

netConsult offers bespoke IT for all enterprises - contact our team to find out how much more your IT infrastructure could deliver on a bespoke basis.

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