22 Mar 2018

Laura Zverko

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Downtime costs UK businesses in excess of £12 billion per year. Depending on your infrastructure, and the size of your organisation, you could be losing thousands per hour when downtime affects your business. In the alternative investment sector this can result in considerable financial loss and puts at risk relationships with clients who are also affected. So, finding ways to reduce network downtime is crucial for every enterprise – and there are some very simple ways to do this.

Ensure that you have server backups

When you find yourself in a downtime situation it is the server backups with will enable your business to get back on its feet. The quality and reliability of these backups will determine how quickly that happens and whether you are able to ensure business continuity or not. So, it is crucial to have server backups in place and to test these regularly – both physical and virtual machines. Make sure you have a clear idea of how long it will take to restore data from a server backup, as well as exactly what that process entails.

Updates and patches

It is crucial that the systems that you are using are regularly updated to ensure that you are running the latest versions and have protection against any newly discovered vulnerabilities. Where this is particularly important is when it comes to devices used by those working for you. We are increasingly opening up our networks to exposure to the poor device maintenance habits of others via BYOD. The opportunities this creates for hackers and cyber criminals could result in significant downtime. Policing device updating is an important part of reducing the downtime your business is potentially exposed to.

On premises security

Particularly if your network is on site, it will be key to manage the potential risks to hardware and software. Fire, flood and theft can result in significant downtime where this affects the equipment that you have on site. It is beneficial to carry out regular checks of site security, from electrical wiring to door locks and flood prevention measures. Any one of these could prevent a disaster occurring that results in crippling downtime for your business.

Network monitoring

Network penetration or IT issues may not be that obvious when they first arise. In fact, it could be months before anyone realises that there has been a security breach, by which time the intruder is so embedded that significant downtime is inevitable. Network monitoring ensures that your organisation is made aware at the first sign of trouble and able to act swiftly to solve issues and ensure ongoing continuity.

Bespoke IT infrastructure in the cloud

Downtime can be significantly minimised when you have an IT infrastructure that has been designed specifically for the needs of your business. When this is built in the cloud it provides an additional layer of reliability and security with secure back up and off site servers that will not be affected by any disasters that befall your own premises.

We deliver bespoke IT infrastructure that helps our clients to minimise the issue of IT downtime. Contact netConsult today to find out more about netManage, our fully-managed IT solution.

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Recent Articles

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