28 Mar 2018

Laura Zverko

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Many of the issues that are suffered by businesses struggling with inadequate network setups could be solved by investing in a bespoke option. A bespoke IT infrastructure that has been designed for your specific needs has a wide range of options that make it worth considering, no matter what the size or type of business you have.

Responsiveness to change

With a bespoke network setup it is much easier for your IT infrastructure to support your business through periods of growth and change. A bespoke design has been tailored specifically to the needs of your individual enterprise, which enables a more responsive structure that performs better in terms of compliance and makes it easier to implement change.

Spiking productivity

Productivity is a key goal for any business and a bespoke IT infrastructure can be designed to support and encourage this in every part. For example, repetitive tasks can be automated and the system designed to deliver extra support to the parts of the business that have the potential to be the most productive.

Improving the effectiveness of your investment

Your IT network is a significant investment and needs to work as hard as possible when it comes to effectiveness and performance. This is much easier to achieve with a bespoke IT infrastructure that has been aligned with both working practices and strategic business goals. When your network is made to measure, it is able to deliver much more return on that initial investment.

Providing more control

If you are seeking more control over your network then this can be designed into a bespoke IT infrastructure so that it is provided at key pressure points. This will make it much easier to align the technological capability that you have with the growth plans for the business and use it to protect against vulnerabilities.

Offering optimised security

It is difficult to achieve optimum security with any IT infrastructure that has not been designed for the business it serves. An individually tailored network can be adjusted to enable better protection at the key points of vulnerability within an individual business. In an industry like the alternative investment sector, network security is an increasingly pressing issue and one that makes it worth exploring how much more secure data and systems could be within a framework that is bespoke.

Enabling increased competition

Bespoke IT infrastructure can be designed to integrate the knowledge and experience that the business has already amassed and to use this to generate a competitive advantage that would not be available via a generic network. The result is that the business has greater capacity and is also able to provide points of differentiation from competitors in the market.

The advantages of bespoke IT infrastructure are many, from the fact that it is designed to be a perfect match to your business, to the cost benefits of a network in which all the individual aspects have been carefully thought through in terms of outcomes.

We build bespoke IT for businesses across sectors – contact netConsult today to find out how bespoke IT infrastructure could benefit your SME or alternative investment firm.

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