06 Apr 2018

Laura Zverko

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For any IT infrastructure, whether virtual or physical, constant uptime is the optimum goal. When networks experience downtime this can result in significant disruption of business continuity, which has a knock on impact on performance, productivity and reputation. So, it is crucial for businesses today to take all steps possible to guarantee as much uptime as possible. The key to this could be 24/7 network monitoring.

How 24/7 network monitoring improves uptime

Better security

24/7 network monitoring ensures that existing security measures are adequate and that they are performing as expected. It makes it much easier to spot vulnerabilities and to find solutions to these to ensure that networks are as secure as they can possibly be. 24/7 network monitoring also means that updates and patches are not missed and systems are not vulnerable to downtime simply as a result of a lack of maintenance.

Proactively handling issues

Not every system attack, hack or problem is immediately noticeable – in fact, many are designed to go unnoticed for as long as possible to enable them to do the most damage. With 24/7 network monitoring in place, issues are identified as soon as they arise. Early identification of problems is crucial to ensuring the highest possible uptime rates for the business. When issues are proactively identified they can be quickly dealt with to avoid a crisis that could cause a long period of downtime.

Identifying network inadequacy

24/7 monitoring also acts as an early warning sign where there may be something inadequate about the network or systems currently in place. The data that can be gathered from monitoring will provide key insights into how it is performing under current levels of demand. It is often only with this kind of information that it is possible to see that the network is struggling to cope. Ensuring higher levels of uptime for a business means effectively planning to handle demand and growth. The insights that 24/7 monitoring provide into how the network currently performs - or whether it may be at capacity and require upgrading - can be crucial to maintaining levels of uptime as a company develops and changes.

Access to IT specialists

24/7 monitoring is most often delivered by outside IT specialists with extensive experience in IT infrastructure. The knowledge and expertise that this makes available to any business, from alternative investment sector startups through to large and well established organisations, can help to inform key strategic decisions that deliver more uptime and a more productive network overall.

Planning and efficiency

When 24/7 monitoring is in use it provides key tools for planning and a way to ensure that network efficiency is as high as it can be. From early resolution of issues, through to more effective planning for updates, upgrades and change, 24/7 monitoring delivers more actionable insight for a better functioning IT approach.

We provide 24/7 monitoring services that are tailored to the design and needs of your business. From practical issues resolution through to informing exceptional planning, 24/7 monitoring is a key resource.  Get in touch with netConsult today to find out what else our netManage platform has to offer.

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