12 Apr 2018

Laura Zverko

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Protecting data is a key strategic goal for every business today, in the alternative investment industry and beyond. There are significant consequences for security deficient IT networks, from the eight figure fines that may be handed out for a lack of legal compliance, to the damage to reputation that can result from a security breach and data loss. A well crafted IT infrastructure that works to increase overall data security is a key component in data protection by design.

Ensuring access control

Data security is not only compromised by external actors looking to breach systems – it is often the result of mistakes, errors or poor handling by employees or contractors. Limiting access to key data to necessary personnel is one way in which the design of your IT infrastructure can help to keep information safe. Customisable security levels ensure that the right people can see the right data right across a virtual infrastructure. With controls in place, the most sensitive data is restricted to only those who need to see it.

Effective password use

Most IT networks are currently accessed via a password system. This is a highly effective gatekeeper tool and yet many individuals and businesses still do not fully appreciate the security effective password use can provide to keeping data safe (“password” and “12345” remain two of the top five most popular passwords, for example). Building effective password security into your system is crucial to overall data security. This can be defined for individual users, as well as for specific documents, files and systems – that way, if system access is gained by an unauthorised use of an account, additional protections still exist.

Back up security

The most effective way to back up crucial data is via cloud migration, which ensures that all key data is automatically backed up on a regular basis. However, wherever you use your data and systems it is essential that there is a process in place to back it up frequently. Back up data has a crucial role to play in ensuring business continuity in the event of a security breach or system failure. Where there are back ups in place, large scale data loss can be avoided and key information is kept safe.

Integrating encryption

Making encryption an integrated part of the way that your organisation handles data provides a significant boost to overall data security. When data has been encrypted it becomes unreadable. So, even if it is accessed by a third party, or lost by an employee or someone within the organisation, it remains protected from anyone without the key to decrypt it. Encryption is increasingly used to protect any data that could present serious problems when leaked, lost or stolen. It is supported by a wide range of IT systems, including Windows 2000, Server 2003 and XP Pro.

Prioritising data security ensures information is protected, organisations are compliant and reputation is secured. netConsult specialises in providing IT infrastructure to SMEs and alternative investment firms – contact netConsult to upgrade your data protection today using our netSecure platform and our team can create a bespoke plan that suits your requirements.

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