19 Apr 2018

Laura Zverko

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According to the Cloud Industry Forum, the rate of overall cloud adoption in the UK has now reached 88%. In addition to that, 67% of users are intending to increase their adoption of cloud services by the end of 2018. This is a figure that could come as a surprise to those who still have some reservations, particularly when it comes to security. However, the reality is that the cloud is not just a more scalable, efficient and cost effective resource than a legacy system but, today, is more secure too.

The opportunity to control access

When using the cloud, businesses physically remove systems from anyone on their own premises. Whether that is employees, clients or visitors, it means that the most sensitive and confidential data is nowhere near anyone who could have the means to make it vulnerable, even by accident. As human error is one of the biggest factors in security breaches this considerably reduces the security risk and gives businesses more control over how data is accessed, and by whom.

Auditing and improvement

Third party cloud providers are on a cycle of regular audit and improvement that simply does not apply to most on-premises legacy setups. Cloud providers’ annual audits are designed to highlight flaws in security systems and engage with vulnerabilities before they create issues for the business. This system of regular reassessment and reevaluation is enormously beneficial for the cloud provider, as it means that they are always operating in the most secure way possible. It also ensures systems are always up to date – and easy to update – which is not always the case for legacy systems that may remain untouched for years. The reality is that many legacy setups are only reviewed after a security issue has a arisen but cloud infrastructure providers are far more proactive.

High quality infrastructure with security built in

The vast majority of legacy systems have been slowly created over time, patched and added to. While this may appear to function well for the business it can create great areas of vulnerability that are difficult to spot until after a security event has taken place. Cloud systems are built with the latest security requirements – and potential issues – in mind. They are specifically designed to provide multi-layered security for IT infrastructure, including physical barriers to entry to servers. In the case of legacy systems the only comparable measure may be a simple locked door.

An upgrade in cyber security skill

Working with a third party cloud provider gives a business access to a level of cyber security knowledge, skill and experience that is often missing from in-house provision. From support, to strategy and planning, the level of specialist expertise that is available via a cloud infrastructure partner is likely to far exceed anything that most organisations have access to when working with their own legacy systems.

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Recent Articles

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