03 May 2018

Laura Zverko

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The cloud is increasingly becoming a necessity for businesses keen to achieve agility and drive productivity. The flexibility of cloud computing and the ease with which it accommodates mobile working deliver a significant advantage for those enterprises investing in cloud infrastructure. As we increasingly move towards more mobile working choices, cloud computing will be both the anchor and the facilitator for businesses, large or small, looking for effective, forward thinking technology solutions.

Why is cloud computing so important for mobile working?

Accessible from anywhere

Cloud computing introduces the opportunity for a genuinely mobile workforce into the modern working world. Software and systems can be accessed by those working on premises, at home, while travelling or in locations around the world.

A cost effective infrastructure

Expense has traditionally been a significant obstacle to businesses keen to enable more mobile and flexible working. The cloud has revolutionised the way that this is delivered, providing a cost effective infrastructure that reduces capital in-house expenses and ensures that resources are directed to where they are needed most.

Exceptional security

The requirement to protect systems and data can prevent organisations from stepping into the mobile working world and all the benefits that come with that. Working with cloud computing offers the reassurance of security at the highest levels, delivered by experts in the field. For the first time now, many businesses find themselves better off with a cloud services provider than alone, with access to the latest security information and systems that are better maintained.

Data backup

Mobile working introduces an element of risk for data – one that can be effectively managed by cloud computing systems that have much more comprehensive data back up built in. Should threats or issues arise, disaster recovery is made much simpler because data has been systematically backed up to the cloud.


With the new era of mobile working the business world is also entering a time of fluidity that can mean constant movement. Scalability is a major benefit of cloud computing, as services and systems can be tailored to the business as it changes, whether that is expansion or contraction. Cloud computing supports growth, no matter how swift, and if infrastructure needs to be scaled back as a result of business change this is simple and efficient to do, saving critical time and resources.


Many employers view mobile working as adding an extra layer of complication to the process of managing employees and workloads. Working with cloud computing brings transparency to this shift in business practices and also helps to ensure that unauthorised access is preventable and traceable.

Information sharing

The advantages of cloud computing for mobile working go way beyond simply giving system access to mobile employees. It can also make working practices more efficient, making it easier to share information and reducing the volume of emails required.

We can work with you to integrate the cloud into your business structure to enable more productive mobile working. Contact netConsult today on 020 7100 3310 to find out more.

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