25 May 2018

Laura Zverko

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Cost management, business continuity and ongoing productivity are crucial to the success of an SME. Working with an in-house IT team may be a sound business decision for a large and well established enterprise but, for SMEs and start-ups, it is rarely a smart investment. Instead, outsourcing IT support to a third party provider can enable more efficient IT provision, as well as input into IT strategy to support growth. 

The benefits of outsourced IT support for SMEs

Improved security

IT security becomes increasingly more complex as cyber criminals find new and subtler ways to break into networks. SMEs without extensive in-house IT support are often simply not equipped with the tools and knowledge to ensure that security provision is adequate and up to date without the help of an outsourced provider.

Cost management for success

Cash flow has a significant role to play in SME success but can be difficult to manage when it is subject to the mercurial demands of in-house IT. Team members may leave, for example, and deploying of new systems or software can be shockingly expensive. Outsourced IT support provides predictable costs that make it much easier to manage cash flow, and which can be adjusted based on what the business needs.

Re-allocating company resources

SME resources are often scarce and can be wasted in terms of the return on investment that an in-house IT team delivers. When IT support is outsourced this provides the opportunity for resources to be reallocated to other parts of the business where they can be used to add more value and to help the business to grow.

Access to a deeper well of experience

The vast amount of experience in the average IT provider would bankrupt most SMEs if such an extensive team was to be contracted on a permanent basis. However, as an outsourced service, all of that expertise, experience and strategic vision is available to a business at an affordable price thanks to economies of scale.

Comprehensive disaster recovery provision

Business continuity is crucial to any organisation but especially so within an SME where profitability and customer loyalty may be new and finely balanced. Extensive disaster recovery is difficult to provide from an in-house IT team, whether as a result of a lack of vision or resources. This is not the case with outsourced IT support where it is built in as part of the relationship.

Extending resources

Working with an IT provider effectively gives a business the resources of a full IT department. This can create a significant competitive advantage, as it means that an SME is not frustrated or held back by issues that arise, or as a result of a lack of strategic IT input. Plus, an outsourced IT provider has the experience and knowledge to work faster and identify and solve issues more quickly so that the progress of growth is not inhibited.

We can work with you to create an IT infrastructure that gives your SME access to all the benefits of outsourced IT provision. Get in touch with netConsult today to find out more.

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