11 Jun 2018

Laura Zverko

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The potential security risks of a virtual IT infrastructure have been a key concern for business across the alternative investment industry. Today, we have reached a point where, not only are these risks minimised, but many believe that cloud technology actually makes IT security safer and easier to manage than an on-premise solution.

The evolution of cloud technology

The benefits of virtualisation are now widely known. From scalability and more effective data backup, through to being a more versatile option with a more cost effective structure, cloud technology has a lot to offer those enterprises that are looking to do more with IT infrastructure. The cost and service advantages of cloud technology continue to convert record numbers of organisations to virtualisation – particularly now that security management has become easier too.

IT security and cloud technology

Switching to the cloud opens up a broad range of options when it comes to managing IT security.

Data protection, backup and recovery

Cloud technology delivers a much more robust solution to data protection and backup, something that has been high on the agenda in the wake of the GDPR. Regular data backups via the cloud ensure access to business critical data even in the event of incident or attack, providing swift recovery and enabling business continuity on a different level to an on-premise solution. Data is more comprehensively protected, reducing the risk of a data breach or security failure, and downtime is minimised, as data can be restored from any authorised device regardless of location.

Enhanced data security

Cloud technology employs a level of data security that represents a significant upgrade in existing protections for many businesses. Encryption, for example, is fairly standard in cloud technology and protects data even if it falls into the wrong hands. Access restrictions are another frequently used security tool, providing a way to monitor and control how data is accessed and a clear line of sight between key information and who has had contact with it.

Procedures and policies

Working with an experienced cloud technology provider enables many enterprises to put in place clear and unambiguous policies and procedures for data security that cover everything, from how to deal with a data breach, to disaster recovery processes and who is responsible for certain tasks in the event that security has been compromised. A combination of comprehensive policies, as well as staff training and clarity on the consequences of data breach for the business can convert your workforce into a key defence against data breach – and your most effective force for disaster recovery.

Individually tailored IT infrastructure

Cloud technology enables IT infrastructure to be designed for a individual business, taking into account data concerns, such as financial penalties, legal action, as well as brand and reputation damage that could result from security issues. This bespoke design provides an opportunity for simpler and better quality IT security that is more accountable and effective.

We design IT infrastructure to effortlessly integrate the security concerns of our clients – contact our team to discuss your needs.

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