27 Jun 2018

Laura Zverko

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IT support is essential for a small business but, for most, an extensive in-house team may be a cost too far. Ongoing IT support provides a smart solution to technology support and optimisation need that is cost effective and efficient. It is the simplest way to ensure that your business’ IT requirements are always met and has a number of key additional benefits.

Fault/issue/disaster support

When something goes wrong, if you have the right IT support in place then it is not your job to resolve it. Working with an IT provider means swift resolution to avoid disruption to business continuity and ensuring that you are not wasting your own time trying to fix IT problems.

Updates and maintenance

IT networks require ongoing maintenance and updates to ensure that they are secure and delivering optimum return on your investment. This may seem like a time consuming and mundane task but it is essential – system breaches as a result of software that has not been updated, maintained or patched are all too common and can be costly. Ongoing IT support covers this essential function so that you don’t have to dedicate time and resources to it within your own business.

Extensive expertise

When you partner with an IT provider you are accessing a broad pool of technology expertise that would come at a very high cost to employ internally. The benefit of this economy of scale is that your business has expert advice at its fingertips, from solving issues through to providing input into ongoing IT strategy and infrastructure decisions.

Proactive service

Ongoing IT support is proactive, as opposed to responsive. From planning ahead to implement updates and fixes, to monitoring for issues, time and energy is dedicated to ensuring that potential obstacles are identified before they become problematic and bumps in the road smoothed before they are reached.

Up to date insights

IT specialists are at the heart of their industry and much more likely to be working with – and aware of – the latest developments. This can be enormously beneficial for a smaller business without the connections and resources to tap into the most current innovation and thinking about IT systems and processes. The insights of your IT partner become your insights and can be applied to update and improve your operations and infrastructure in a financially sensitive way.

Cost effective service

Many small businesses make bad choices when it comes to IT and this can be incredibly costly and wasteful of budgets and resources. IT support is not only available on an “on demand” basis so that you only pay for what you need, but can also be useful in ensuring that the hardware and software you’re using is the right choice, financially, too.

Peace of mind in any event

IT events can be catastrophic for businesses of any size but especially so for smaller businesses looking to gain ground with customers. From system failures through to malicious attacks, there are many ways in which problems can arise. Consequences could be wide ranging, from loss of reputation through to data protection issues. Ongoing IT support provides the peace of mind of knowing that you are doing everything you can to avoid these issues – and that you have support if something goes wrong.

We offer ongoing IT support to enable your business to be more effective and secure. Contact netConsult today to find out more about our netSupport service.

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