05 Jul 2018

Laura Zverko

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Whether you are downsizing or moving to bigger premises, an office move can be a challenging time for IT connectivity. Businesses across the alternative investment sector depend on IT for daily continuity and disruption can be difficult for both clients and staff to deal with. An office move is potentially a time of significant chaos and disruption – but it does not have to be if you have prepared for a seamless office move.

Planning to minimise downtime and disruption

It is possible to engineer an office move that does not disrupt the flow of your business. Crucial to this will be anticipating the potential steps that are required to transfer your hardware, software and networks to a new location. Planning ahead provides an unambiguous structure for an office move that gives everyone involved something to work from. The planning process will help to identify potential issues and obstacles before they arise and give you the opportunity to make key decisions about need in new premises while you have the time to think about them. There are a number of key components involved in planning a seamless IT move, including:

  • Inventory existing hardware. What do you have, what do you need to move and what requirements will your existing hardware infrastructure have in the new environment?
  • Consider upgrades. Often, an office move is a great time to look into an upgrade to existing systems or a different way of working.
  • Cabling and connection. Your IT network cannot function without the right cabling and connections, and new premises may have different demands to existing office space.
  • Back up your systems. If you are working with cloud systems then you automatically have a solid back up in place should anything go awry during an office move. If not then you may need to consider specific back up options.
  • Survey the new site. A site survey will give you key information about how best to set up your IT infrastructure in the new premises to avoid issues such as interference or overcrowding.

Ensuring all stakeholders are informed

A seamless office move requires the proactive participation of all the relevant stakeholders. Advanced planning, which involves all the necessary people, will ensure that everyone is fully informed. Not only does this improve the chances of a smooth transition but it also provides the opportunity to have others input into any steps or challenges that you may have overlooked.

A contingency plan

Hope for the best but plan for the worst – if you have a contingency plan in place for an office move then you can still ensure a seamless transition even if the worst does happen. Prepare in advance for how you would cope with a loss of connectivity, hardware damaged in transit or a security breach on the day of your move, for example. If you already have contingencies in place then the impact of any challenges will be significantly reduced.

A seamless office move requires expert input into the planning of the transition and the set up of the new network – we can help you to do both. Get in touch with netConsult today to find out more.

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