20 Jul 2018

Laura Zverko

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Like people, no two businesses tend to be created alike. While there may be similarities in sector, product or values, the combination of everything that makes the business what it is will also make it unique. When it comes to creating an IT infrastructure that caters to the very individual needs of the business, the only way to ensure a great fit is with a bespoke IT infrastructure. Bespoke IT is an investment that can cut costs, improve productivity and ensure that the business meets its compliance and security goals.

Why consider a bespoke IT infrastructure for your business?

No other type of IT will truly meet requirements

Bespoke IT infrastructure is designed for the individual business with both its day-to-day requirements and long-term goals in mind. A more generic solution may meet a number of needs but it is only a bespoke infrastructure that will truly cater to every necessity. This can be crucial when it comes to optimising business performance and ensuring that the investment you make in IT infrastructure delivers.

Security and scalability are difficult without bespoke IT infrastructure

If your IT does not quite fit with your business operations then the areas where there is gapping could create potential security vulnerabilities just waiting to be exploited. Security today should be a top priority for any business dealing with potentially sensitive data or personal information. Poor security could have disastrous results, from damage to business reputation to fines that are imposed as a result of a lack of legal compliance. Bespoke IT infrastructure is designed exactly for the needs of the business – it is the perfect fit. As a result, security is tighter than a standard solution and the flexibility of bespoke IT means that it can change and grow safely as the business does.

Better overall service

When your IT infrastructure is individually tailored to your business you get better IT service overall, which will benefit your business, employees and clients. A bespoke structure is the only way to get full return on your tech investment.

Bespoke recovery and restoration

Part of designing a bespoke IT infrastructure includes creating recovery and backup systems that are intended to ensure swift business recovery where there is an event or incident. Tools, such as back up via a public or private cloud, can be combined with business recovery processes that enable your enterprise to carry on in the face of obstacles. When IT infrastructure caters to the specific recovery challenges that your business may face, risks are minimised and continuity supported.

Cost and control

If you buy a generic IT solution you may be paying for elements that your business does not need and will never use. Bespoke IT infrastructure is designed for your organisation and every component that you pay for has a specific and useful purpose. With this type of IT infrastructure you are also fully in control in every way and can influence everything, from cost to efficiency, security to carbon footprint.

We design exceptional bespoke IT infrastructure for businesses looking to make technology work for them. Contact netConsult’s expert team today to talk about your requirements.

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