25 Jul 2018

Laura Zverko

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IT is crucial to business operations today and, as a result, the quality, scalability and speed of your IT setup can have a significant impact on performance and results. From improved operational efficiency to better security and cost effectiveness, there are many ways in which your alternative investment firm could benefit from a fully-managed IT setup.

Alignment IT with goals

A fully-managed IT set up that is designed specifically for your business will ensure that the IT infrastructure you have in place fully supports both long-term objectives and short-term goals. Your IT is a key tool in helping your business to develop and grow, and a fully managed setup can help you to achieve measurable business outcomes and clear operational gains that your firm may not otherwise be able to reach.

Risk reduction and management

One of the key benefits of a fully-managed IT setup is a reduction in the risk borne by the individual firm. When you partner with a service provider for IT management, risk is transferred and reduced so that your business has less of a burden to bear.

Matching service to need

Opt for a bespoke fully-managed IT setup and you will be able to choose from a flexible range of service options that are tailored to the specific needs of the business. This not only ensures better cost efficiency but also introduces greater flexibility and scalability into the business, making it more responsive to change.

Ensuring ongoing availability

IT availability is crucial to every sector but especially so in a niche environment like the alternative investment industry where clients can be quickly lost and reputation damaged. With a fully-managed IT setup your business will enjoy consistently high availability that supports staff and functions, throughout the structure of your enterprise.

Specialised monitoring and support

Security and swift action in the face of potential problems can be difficult to achieve on a smaller budget or with limited resources. However, a fully-managed IT setup ensures that your business benefits from 24/7/365 secure remote network monitoring and that there is always someone on hand to provide support where necessary. Not only that but the specialised advice provided by highly experienced personnel can contribute to better IT strategy and decision-making as well, as ensuring speedy recovery. 

The option of end-to-end services

A fully-managed IT setup presents the opportunity to simplify your IT infrastructure and create an effective architecture that integrates all the services that your business requires, managed from one place. That could include planning and design, as well as implementation, support and optimisation. With such comprehensive IT support you have the option to engage as much or as little as your business requires in order to ensure that you are getting the most from your investment.

Fully-managed IT offers firms in the alternative investment sector an impressive range of benefits and the opportunity optimise performance and see genuine return on IT investment. Contact us to speak to one of our experts to find out more today about our netManage service.

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