30 Aug 2018

Laura Zverko

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Private hosting is an obvious choice for any businesses looking for an exclusive cloud solution. It provides all of the flexibility and agility of migrating to the cloud but with dedicated hardware and a service that can be tailored specifically to need. From better resource management, to enjoying the advantages of virtualisation, such as improved agility and efficiency, a privately hosted setup has a lot to offer. Crucially, it can also significantly improve the security of your network setup and keep it legally compliant.

Private hosting, security and compliance

Network security has always been a crucial issue for any business in the alternative investment sector, and beyond. Reputational damage and financial loss are just two of the potential consequences of a lack of network protection, something that is easily remedied with the right infrastructure setup. Compliance, too, is a priority and particularly so given recent legal change, such as the implementation of the GDPR. This data privacy regime came into force in May this year and places new transparency and data protection rules on businesses dealing with sensitive and personal data – with financial penalties up to €20 million, or 4% annual global turnover for failure to comply. A privately hosted setup supports improved security and compliance in a number of ways, including:

Data access control

One of the simplest ways to protect data and systems is to restrict access to them. A private cloud solution provides sophisticated options for ensuring access is fully controlled and a trail of accountability easy to follow. It will also enable data to be easily tagged and classified, making it simpler to manage and ensuring a truly transparent and compliant data environment. As data is hosted elsewhere, it will also remain unaffected by any issues that impact on the business’ physical premises and benefit from the additional security of being stored in servers that are not accessible on-site.

System accountability

A private cloud solution can be tailored to the specific needs of the business and designed to deliver greater network accountability by ensuring data use is tracked and traceable. Everything, from meeting data retention requirements for an individual industry, to providing essential failsafes for specific scenarios, can be simply managed in the cloud in an unambiguous and transparent way.


Something as small as out of date software could be enough to cause major compliance issues even for a small business. Private hosting provides access to the automation element of cloud computing, which ensures that systems are automatically maintained and up to date, significantly improving the quality of internal risk management.

Data backup

Cloud systems backup data automatically and frequently, which can be crucial when it comes to maintaining access to mission critical information in the event of a disaster, such as hacking or a fire. High quality data backup is essential to deliver business continuity and will ensure quick recovery no matter what has occurred.

A privately hosted setup provides options for upgrading security and ensuring legal compliance. We can help your business to design the perfect private setup – contact us to find out more.

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Recent Articles

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