27 Sep 2018

Laura Zverko

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A bespoke IT infrastructure is the optimum solution to ensure that your network is tailored specifically to the needs of your alternative investment firm. It is the only way to really make sure that the infrastructure you have to work with meets all your requirements and handles all the points of vulnerability.

Growing with your business

Growth is a goal for any alternative investment firm but can also be a major issue if IT infrastructure is not flexible enough to expand too. A bespoke IT network is the only type of structure that is truly scalable, supporting the business in whatever size or shape expansion takes. Bespoke IT can be configured to suit the way an alternative investment firm functions, with features such virtualisation making it easy to respond to growth or to scale back in quieter times.

Optimising security

True security is inherent in a network, built in to the system taking into account the features and needs of the business itself. While it is possible to add security with any IT network, nothing is quite as secure as a network that has been designed with inbuilt security features. Key elements of security are designed with the specific needs of the business in mind and protection is provided where it is likely to be most effective. A bespoke IT network also enables security to be leaner, focused on what will be of use and avoiding wasting resources on anything unnecessary.

The key to productivity

The wrong IT network can sometimes do more harm than good when it comes to business productivity. A generic structure may have to be moulded and manipulated to the needs of the business whereas bespoke IT is the perfect fit. When a bespoke IT infrastructure is being designed, every element of the business is taken into account, from the way that key workflows are managed to the most crucial business needs. A bespoke IT network is designed to optimise productivity and efficiency within the business to support existing business processes and allow for leaner workflows. This is a benefit exclusively available to a bespoke IT infrastructure, which is created with the alternative investment firm in mind.

More effective disaster recovery and business continuity

One of the major benefits of a bespoke IT network is the way that it supports recovery in a situation where operations are being interrupted. When infrastructure is bespoke, contingencies can be built in to provide a range of individually tailored options for handling disaster situations and getting systems and processes back on track as quickly as possible. Every organisation requires a different response and there could be a range of issues that may trigger that need – bespoke IT infrastructure ensures that there are solutions available for all the eventualities that are particular to the business.

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Recent Articles

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