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Corporate Social Responsibility

Here at netConsult we are proud of the first class financial technology we provide, and we are equally proud of how we provide it. We are known for our excellent service and the strong relationships we have with our clients. And this excellence extends beyond how we carry out our day-to-day business.

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility is more than the publication of some words on a web page. For us, it informs all that we do. We intend to be in business for the long-term, so we run netConsult in a fair and responsible way, considering the social, environmental and economic impact of every action we take.

A healthy society and a thriving economy support us all. So we aim to make the most of the positive influence of our business – for our clients and staff, our suppliers and partners, for the economy and for the communities where we live and work. We support charities and communities wherever we can by, for example, taking part in fund-raising activities and sponsoring young people to help them excel, wherever their talents may lie.

And because we all need a healthy planet to live on, we work to balance our carbon footprint and protect the environment.

To read more about how we put our corporate responsibility into action please read our blog.

When we set up netConsult we were keen for it to be a company that is as much about professional and personal benefit as it is about commercial success. At the core of our business is a belief that, whatever we do, we have a duty to make a positive contribution to society.

We realize this in the way we respect our team, encouraging them in both their professional and personal ambitions; in the way we value our customers, so they trust and have confidence in us; and in the way we help build a strong economy and thriving communities through, for example, our charitable giving and support for young people.

Richard McDonald, CEO

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