Built-to-order IT for alternative
investment firms
netConsult are part of TIG and are specialists in providing award-winning Managed Services, Cloud and Connectivity and Transformational Services for the alternative investment sector. Our long track record in IT infrastructures combined with our award-winning service and dedication to our customers has resulted in the best portfolio of solutions in the industry. Whatever you need, trust us to deliver.
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Whilst businesses in different sectors may have a lot in common, they equally have things that define them. Regulators, structures, processes and reporting requirements will all differ.

That is why, when we started netConsult, we chose to specialise in the alternative investment industry. Rather than providing a generic service that is OK for everyone, we chose to build on the knowledge and experience we already had and provide IT that is exactly right for you.

You will find our understanding of the alternative investment market first class.


We recognise that FCA, SEC, CSSF and PCI compliant IT is essential. We also know that you need to report regularly and show how you monitor and control your organisation. We provide systems that allow you to do this easily and efficiently.


We know that you work for high-net-worth individuals and the data you hold is sensitive. So we know that security is of paramount importance. We also know that threats to your security change and can just as easily be internal as well as external. We crucially understand that your security is dependent on ours. That is why our approach to security is holistic and continuously refined. It is also why we have invested heavily in our security event management system.

Flexibility and control

We understand the ways in which you need to work. We know you need IT that is designed, built and managed specifically for your business. Your IT must allow you to operate when you need to, wherever you are in the world. Finally, your IT must be flexible enough to support your business as it changes and grows, evolving with it, at the touch of a button.