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netConsult are part of TIG and are specialists in providing award-winning Managed Services, Cloud and Connectivity and Transformational Services for the alternative investment sector. Our long track record in IT infrastructures combined with our award-winning service and dedication to our customers has resulted in the best portfolio of solutions in the industry. Whatever you need, trust us to deliver.
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IT for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Although we have specific expertise in the alternative investment industry, we can and do support businesses in other areas. For example, we have clients who work in the legal, logistics, pharmaceuticals and education sectors.

What are the most critical issues facing your business today?

Two things you’re likely to be concerned about are the security and availability of your IT. Even a small amount of downtime can be significant, causing financial loss and damage to your reputation.

It is vital that your data and applications are protected and that your day-to-day business can depend on IT that is always up and running.

With netConsult, you can be confident that your IT is secure and highly available. We have partnered with the award winning Zerto to provide you with the best in Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR).

Our BCP will keep all aspects of your business functioning in the event of a natural or human-induced disaster. Many different incidents can affect your business so you need flexible and comprehensive recovery services.

Our DR solutions will ensure your vital data is not lost and will quickly restore your systems to keep your business up and running. We can also help you to risk assess your business and develop the DR procedures you need.

You can rely on our powerful BCP and DR

BCP and DR are more than copying data. Together they are the safety net that won’t allow your IT to fail and damage your business.

netConsult and Zerto provide BCP and DR that:

• Gives complete protection for your IT.
• Ensures minimal downtime in the event of a disaster.
• Provides remote offices and data centres.
• Helps you plan and coordinate your response to disaster.
• Is cost effective, flexible and easy to install and manage.

Zerto works across different sites, hardware and applications. However diverse your business, you can still protect your entire infrastructure with one BCP and DR system.

We replicate your onsite systems in a way that is secure and reliable. If the worst happens, your IT will recover quickly with little or no impact to your day-to-day activities. This means you can run your business free from worry and concentrate on building its bright future

The benefits to your business are clear

Secure your business with BCP and DR from netConsult and Zerto and benefit from:

• High availability

Zerto’s powerful software provides automated and immediate recovery and so ensures the availability of your applications and information.

• Effective security

Zerto’s software detects problems immediately, protecting your data and your applications.

With Zerto it’s easy for you to control which of your staff have access to your BCP and DR console.

• Lower costs – for hardware and storage

Zerto replicates from any type of storage to any type of storage, regardless of the hardware. Use your existing spare storage or replicate your virtual servers to our secure data centre. This will allow you to achieve a RPO of seconds and a RTO in minutes, with no capital expenditure. At the same time you can reduce your hardware costs.

As you can use one system across your whole business, you can also reduce your application and maintenance costs.

• A system that is easy to run and manage

Zerto is a simple way to manage your BCP and DR. One central BCP / DR infrastructure covers a range of different services and sites working from different IT. This gives you complete visibility into the BCP and DR processes across all your departments.

Zerto does not require any changes to your storage or server infrastructure so it is easy to install. The entire install process is completed in minutes.

Zerto also makes the day-to-day management of your BCP and DR easier as tasks are automated and errors reduced or eliminated.

• Excellent RPO and RTO

Zerto automatically recovers your IT. Our powerful and reliable system will give you recovery point objectives (RPOs) of seconds and recovery time objectives (RTOs) of minutes.

• A flexible system you can scale up or down as you need

You can use Zerto whatever the size and structure of your business. You can scale your BCP and DR resources up and down whenever you need as your business changes and grows.

• Clear and reliable contingency plans

The worst can, and sometimes does, happen, so it pays to be prepared. We can help you determine and risk assess the things that could affect your business and plan for the event of disaster.

If disaster does strike, we provide:

• Remote offices and data centres.
• Disaster coordination services including the coordination of your staff.
• Secure remote connectivity.
• Technology contingency procedures.
• Alternative telecommunication systems.

Support you can depend on

With netSupport, you’ll always have someone to talk to who knows you and your business. Our expert engineers are available 24/7/365. We work in teams ensuring that if one engineer is away, another who knows you just as well will be on hand to assist.

Free demonstration

If you would like to see Zerto’s powerful software in action please call us on 020 7100 3310. We’ll be happy to give you a live demonstration.