Protect your business with our advanced security technology

netConsult design and install secure IT for alternative investment firms. We also provide advanced security information and event management tools for FCA, SEC, CSSF and PCI compliance.

Our complete security model

The security of your business is about more than installing the right technology. Effectively managed security is proactive and is continually evolving in response to developments in technology, changes in your business and the threats it faces. That is why we deliver our security service through a continuous process of easy, affordable managed security information and event monitoring.

netConsult provide a 24/7/365 managed security information and event monitoring service that is more affordable and easier to use than traditional in-house solutions.

Through our netSecure service we:

• Manage your whole security infrastructure.
• Effectively monitor millions of security event messages.
• Detect, analyse and respond to the threats which occur in your business, in real time.

• Utilise the very best security management tools available.
• Employ highly trained security personnel to monitor your systems.
• Check every engineer for CCJs, credit references, fraud history and to verify their qualifications.

Creating the best security policy for your business

Security is not just about your technology, it is about your people, your processes, your organisation and its culture. We believe it is not something that is a one-off task if you want to ensure the ongoing security of your data and success of your business.

We can give you expert advice and guidance on developing and implementing a security policy that gives your business the utmost protection.

Built-to-order IT for alternative
investment firms
netConsult are part of TIG and are specialists in providing award-winning Managed Services, Cloud and Connectivity and Transformational Services for the alternative investment sector. Our long track record in IT infrastructures combined with our award-winning service and dedication to our customers has resulted in the best portfolio of solutions in the industry. Whatever you need, trust us to deliver.
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