You can depend on us

With netSupport, you will always have access to someone who knows you and your business. Our expert engineers are available 24/7/365. Because we work in cross-trained teams, if one engineer is away, you can be sure there will be another who knows your business just as well.

We work with you to make sure your IT solution is strong, secure and always available. This includes having arrangements in place to keep your business operating in the event of disaster.

Assured Business Continuity: a business essential

Business Continuity is essential planning to ensure all aspects of your business keep functioning in the event of a natural or human-induced disaster.

Many different incidents can affect your business so you need flexible and comprehensive recovery services.

To keep your business running we provide:

• Backup strategies.
• Remote offices and data centres.
• Disaster recovery.
• Disaster coordination staff services.

• Secure remote connectivity.
• Technology contingency procedures.
• Alternative telecommunication systems.

Disaster Recovery: do not wait until it is too late

Disaster recovery focuses on restoring the information technology that supports your business functions. It refers to the processes, policies and procedures that ensure your vital data is not lost after a natural or human-induced disaster. A key aspect is the assessment of risk to your business.

Built-to-order IT for alternative
investment firms
netConsult are part of TIG and are specialists in providing award-winning Managed Services, Cloud and Connectivity and Transformational Services for the alternative investment sector. Our long track record in IT infrastructures combined with our award-winning service and dedication to our customers has resulted in the best portfolio of solutions in the industry. Whatever you need, trust us to deliver.
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